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Day 1 Journal

Today we began the course of experimental arts with the topic "serendipity"... the art of accidental discovery. To begin with, we listened to Paul talk about the topic - who added cryptic interpretations of random everyday situations at every turn. The accidental discovery is to be made through a random generator. This was to remove any preconceptions or ways ideas that we wanted to bring into the course, instead focusing on the randomness that is such an integral part of serendipity.

There was a discussion among my table with ideas in how to create a random generator to use for this first part. Among the ideas were using sleep patterns, architecture software and the RGB ratios of a colour picked from a photo for randomness. I myself made a few suggestions including rolling a dice to use successive numbers as a random number and perhaps rolling a magnet over pin art for a random contour. Other ideas I thought of later included glass shatter patterns but the one I finally settled with was using a page from a book to generate random words.