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My Random Generator will be my sleep pattern. I will be using an app called Sleepbot that records the duration, movement and sound of my sleep. The duration of my sleep will be translated into my location, while my recorded sleep movement will inform the movement I make across the location. I am interested in investigating if my unconscious state can determine my conscious ability to reach a location.


After having a nice snooze I entered the numbers 614 corresponding to the length of my sleep. I then entered the numbers into a google maps randomized search and clicked enter. The results were as followed:

614 George St, Sydney NSW 2000


I then recreated the line from my pattern of movement during sleep retrieved from the Sleepbot app to use as a guide around the surrounding area of the location pin pointed on the map.


I will be using the movement of my sleep as a guide in how I travel within the surrounds of my location.