SART6101 - Experimental Arts

Random Generator, Experiment 1, Experiment 2, Experiment 3 test

For my random generator, I wanted my to focus on my digital interactions with people over social media and used them to shape my further actions. I wanted my actions to be controlled by others, rather than pure chance. To create my random generator, before I left my house on Tuesday to travel to the city, I posted a status on Facebook requesting that people "like" my status when they saw it, and consequently I would document my immediate surroundings. The main things I noticed through my documentation would give me a topic for my three experiments.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.49.00 AM.png

As I traveled to university, every time my status was liked, I would record my surroundings through either photos or video.


Through the documentation taken during my travel, one physical element was repeated numerous times, mirroring and reflections, which can be seen in the majority of my photos, which is what I will be focusing on for my experiments. Its something that is always there, and that I see almost every day, but do not often notice.