Random Generator

On Day 1, our goal was to come up with our random generator for our project. There were many ideas that came to mind during the class but the one I decided on was to pick up all of the dead leaves in my courtyard at home and count and number them all. I would then find a number by picking the song that got the most plays on my Itunes account on my computer. The number I came up with was 159 plays on the song 'Thirteen Thirty-five' by Dillon. I only had 101 leaves so I added up 1+5+9 = 15. So the Fifteenth leaf would be the leaf that would point to where I would go. I then printed a map of Sydney City onto 6 A3 sheets to let the leaves fall on the map and wherever the 15th leaf went would be where I would go.

Process Photos:
Day 1

On Day 2, I let the leaves fall on the map which is shown on the linked video. I would end up going to a point on Moore Park road.

Leaves falling on a map: