My generator was using the site to entered the names of train lines and for it to give me a random line. I would then do the same with the stations of that line and that would be the station I would go to. My plan was to see what would happen or what I would find to start my concept. Part of the reason I chose this was because I moved to Sydney from Perth one year ago and wanted to look around at parts of Sydney I haven't been to before.

The places my Random Generator produced were Edmondson Park and Picton. I filmed the train ride going through the suburbs that you can watch here. When I got the Edmondson Park and Picton I photographed around the locations, also in link. The main thing I realised I was doing was comparing places in Sydney to places they reminded me of in Perth. This feeling is a combination of Déjà vu, the feeling you have done something before and déjà visite, knowledge of a place you’ve never been before. Although I didn’t actually know my way around these places.

I am not sure if my need to equate Sydney locations to Perth locations is trying to find comfort or attempting to apply previous knowledge to new situations.

My project is going to be merging areas of Sydney with Perth that feel similar to me to create new nonexistent places using drawing and Photoshop.
For the first experiment I have used screenshots of satellite views taken from Google Earth and layered them in Photoshop, making a new map.

Below is Denison street placed over Pearce street in North Fremantle, where I lived when I was very young. The second image is Pearce street placed over Denison street in Newtown.