So here's the final sort of stage of the experiment with "DESOLATION".

I took something red and pretty, which I knew I could also use as a material. A biscuit tin, with lovely flowering on the lid. I wanted to see whether or not I could transform it into a sculpture, possibly a landscape that instead spoke of desolation. I found a large fish bowl while I was out on Wednesday, and had been thinking this could contain a miniature landscape or some kind of object, sealing it off and distorting scale through the glass.

V1 (24).jpg V1 (25).jpg

V1 (27).jpgV1 (26).jpg

In order to achieve this I was going to have to resort to extreme measures. This was a further exploration on the idea that destruction inevitable creates, it transforms and never truly destroys. I was trying to create desolation by transforming something pleasant.

V1 (3).jpgV1 (12).jpgV1 (28).jpg
V1 (16).jpgexternal image dnsJjhC.jpg
external image 1RZn7CT.jpgexternal image vtrnCxE.jpg
external image 3i0IFYK.jpg
external image FKZglxh.jpgexternal image kt2UYGr.jpgexternal image JLCmmuv.jpg

After I'd finished, I felt the level of mutilation was not nearly high enough. Photos of close up on the "surface" were looking beautiful though. After placing the objects into the bowl I wasn't exactly happy with what I was seeing. The metal also bit me.

external image fOmiDAQ.jpgexternal image dHVybbA.jpgexternal image fNvTAMZ.jpgexternal image IuOu46F.jpgexternal image l5juZyR.jpg

Really lends to some interesting shots, especially when combined with broken glass. These images can then be edited -

external image B4sJsNW.jpg

After adding about 17 beer bottles worth of glass into the bowl, I'm loathe to do anything further without feedback.

Check out the video that I did it's on my page.

- Vaughan