I started to think about the books as an object capable of delineating conceptual ideas. From the book I thought about them as objects of transition- as being able to take people from one state to another- provided there was human access of the object through awareness and direct attention. The object is then thought of in terms of as an object of transition, as capable of transfer.

But it's still a book but the content of the book started to lose it's literal hold over me. I stopped looking at them as blank canvases with literal representative imagery and text.

The Emerson book called Self-reliance was interesting as the transcendentalist movement in philosophy was about transcending one's state to achieve, either through meditation or contemplation - a more unified consciousness or unified state of being. There have been links between this concept of universal being and Einstein's theory of the 'unified field'. Transcendental meditation in a practice that helps people transcend their egoic and physical consciousness in order to access the space or sea of unified consciousness.

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Leading on from this, the idea of fragmenting and disrupting the object became apparent. To cut, to reconfigure and deconstruct it's original purpose.

transcend their egoic and physical consciousness to the space or sea of unified consciousness.