Further to the concept of subject-object relations, I wanted to explore a piece of transparent fabric with text as a means of conveying ideas about identity and fragmentation of self. I used muslin fabric that I stitched together in a random type way- quite coarsely and then added text- cursive text almost illegible, but that state 'Motherfucking day'. The Buddhist philosphy of non-duality explore ideas about interconnce teness and how violence towards other is violence towards onesefl. This idea of non-duality and interconnectedess resonates with ideas about trascendence and intersubjectivity.

I used light as means of silhouetting the text and the wind randomly blew the textiles as I was filming. The use of text ties in with the initial idea of the books but the temporality of the film carries the work from the literal to the more evocative or metaphorical. As Emerson's self-reliance is about transcending reality the text in this work is very much grounded in a reality that speaks of adversity. However, the whimsical way in which the wind billows the text and the soft and light interplay of light and shadow does enable the work to trancend its own oppressive message. Hopefully.

I was thinking about the original prints from the micro images that were blown up on the copier to macro- images that spoke of curves and sensuality that almost became an abstracted landscape. I was interested in the draping quality of the muslin and the way that this enfolds and unfolds and undulates. In Gaston Bachelard's The Poetics of Space he says of the curve- 'The grace of a curve is an invitation to remain. We cannot break away from it without hoping to return'. The Poetics of Space, 1958.

In order to make the Glassine paper, which I had stitched together, sturdier I painted it with PVA and later coated it with latex as this added rigidity to the material. The paper then took on it's own sense of organic form. The medium became very sticky so it was difficult to work with but I liked the sculptural, structural element that the addition of the latex offered. The colour too was low key and in keeping with monochromatic palette that I have used throughout these three experiments.

This project definitely offers further possibilities for exploration. Refinement of technical rendering of the filmic qualities would be a huge priority. But overall the idea of using a random generator to stimulate ideas for art has bee quite liberating. It offers endless possibilities for material exploration. I've thoroughly enjoyed the course, thank you very much.

LATEX on paper
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Experiment 3