Slicing the paper of the Bollywood book.. boredom.. repetition..what could I see in it?

The book told me that 'Bollywood is a metaphor for revolt against injustice within Indian society'. There was so much beauty anf glamour in the book and the idealisation of love. I wanted to tap into the sensuality of the images with appearing maudline or overly nostalgic and withiout romanticing the images.

I began slicing up the pages and reassembling them onto transparebt glassine paper. The paper I chose was intersting because of the diaphonous qualities of the paper. This later led me to think about the backlit qualities of paper and too of film. The grid was used initially, though the strong structure started to make it all too controlled.

Blowing the micro image up on the photocopier abstracted the images in certain ways. Parts of the images were recognisable whilst others are ambiguous in the enlarged pixelated forms. I think it works best when the images retain a human sensuality. The Bollywood postcard book was named Nostalgia this progression of processes can somehow negate the maudlin, romantic associations of nostalgia.

The concertina connected small cut images were effective and reminiscent of film cells or sections in a storyboard scenario- yet they were randomly assembled and the scenario was totally disrupted.

The images that were blown up and printed- some were efefctive- the abstracted shapes that resulted were lovley. The printing at Officeowrks was a bit underwhelming. But i enjoyed the deferred nature and lack of control of what was produced- the randomness of selcting tiny square and seeing what appeared afte they were enlarged. These abstraction will lead to further painting and drawing explorations, so as a spring board this exercise was great.

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