Experiment 3

Part 1

When I was in New Zealand - I found this ANZAC book in a second hand store - I wanted to use it as a means of my research but ended up using it as part of my work

IMG_7330.JPGIMG_7332.JPG IMG_7331.JPG
I tried using the toy soldier's head as the 'tip of a paint brush' didn't quite work out as I would have liked. So I cut these pieces of leaves from my garden and noticed it gave
a juicy green light colouring but it didn't stain as much as I would have liked to use as 'paint'.

IMG_7333.JPGIMG_7334.JPG IMG_7335.JPG
I took the arm of the soldier and tried to use that as a paint brush but didn't quite work out either, lying there armless I decided to paint around it's body on every single page
of the ANZAC book.

Below are some of the results which I quite liked once flipping through the pages, they also looked a rough drawing of leaves which was what I originally wanted to draw from
experiment 1.



Experiment 3

Part 2




In Experiment 3 - I played around with the 'toy-soldier' again as a means of a 'paint brush' by using the head and pulling off the arm and it was still really difficult
and unsuccessful. So instead I used I painted around the body using a normal paint brush and paint. I also tried to use a 'leaf-juice' as a method of paint but that
was also unsuccessful. After several attempts of painting around the body of the 'toy-soldier', I quite liked that it became interesting once flipping through the pages
of the book. I used leaves a palette and acrylic paint creating a 'green shade' by mixing blue and yellow together.
The shape the soldier gave was painted looked like leaves which was what I wanted to create from Experiment 1. I created two A1 size pages from the body of the
soldier to create shapes of a 'camouflage'. I would have liked to attempt various shades of green but I also liked that the shapes looked bodily.

I think for future work I would have liked to play around with the ANZAC subject and refer to the political relationship between Australia vs. New Zealand and their
love and hate relationship.