Experiment 2

After trying to experiment with the toy soldier as a 'paint-brush' by using a long vine to attempt to draw leaves (from a distance) it was challenging and unsuccessful however the experience was quite fun and different.

For my second experiment, I physically used the object as a paint brush in my hand and used leaves as a 'canvas'

I wanted to use various leaves for texture and found that with the leaves with smoother surface were more successful than others. I stamped the leaves with the soldier's feet as a means creating an effect of 'marching'

IMG_7323.JPG IMG_7324.JPG


Experiment 2 consisted of using various texture and size leaves as a means of a 'canvas' - I used white paint to allude to the a 'peach-maker' sign originally
wanted to create peace signs on the leaves but I was still experimenting with using the 'toy-soldier' as a 'paint-brush'. I used its feet by adding white paint to
and stamping or marking the leaves like it was 'marching' of it's journey. I thought with the leaves with smoother surfaces and texture were more successful.
I really liked the idea of leaves as 'canvas' so I would like to experiment more with this idea in the near future. As for the 'toy-soldier' being a 'paint-brush' I
think I might have to find another way.