A Random Journey to Martin Place

The first exploration started at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe - I tried collecting as much physical data as I could but to my dismay it was quite clean so I found myself waiting for something to happen and started the hobby of 'people watching'.
Suddenly it dawned on me to document 'time', I reflected on 'time' being so precious on this earth and how short-lived it can be for some, if not most people and those that were affected by the Sydney Siege.

I started to create some slow-motion videos, I also played around with 38 seconds recording as well (but in reality it's a lot longer because of the slow-motion effect) hence the screenshots of some of the video recordings below.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.01.32 am.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.02.03 am.png

As I was going down Martin Place, there were so much happening - people going places, noise pollution - the more I thought about time, the more I thought the
experience was really overwhelming and a lot to take in.

There was this scene close to a water fountain, with my back turned to the water I could see the clock tower and near the water fountain was this woman singing
opera music, entwined with the noise of the water fountain it was really quite calming and soothing but always there was chaos coming from the city pollution of
the traffic lights and sirens.

I sat by the water fountain and took it all in, in front of some pot plant flowers - the city's decoration which I also felt like taking but didn't and as I was picking up my
stuff to leave I found a 'toy-soldier' - wounded.