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Idea: Initially wanted to create something using food, so I thought I would explore Potts Point for dinner (with my friend, Alessia)
a place I haven't explored since I've been in Sydney.

Alessia lives in Melbourne, she didn't know the area well either so we were in for a 'random-adventure'.


I asked Alessia to choose any 'random-restaurant', I noticed after documenting our journey that 'red' was the dominant colour and mood
throughout the evening. I still wasn't sure if this was a sign or not but as we were leaving the restaurant I caught glimpse of the number '38' of
the restaurant so I decided to go with it.

When I went home, I chose a 'red' book from my collection and went to page. 38


I chose 'fear of death' words and typed into Google search '38 fear of death Sydney' and these were the results:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.24.17 pm.png

The first two results were regarding the Sydney Siege, so I thought the location had to be MARTIN PLACE