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This experiment comes as a finding from my previous experiment and for my path of discovery, I juxtaposed with various items that I had found randomly
That related to the concept of FRAGILITY.

To commence this experiment on the concept of Fragility, instead of going straight down the path of fragility, and went to the strongest thing that I could find - this blacksmith's anvil. Clearly, it is anything but fragile, but when a sign saying "fragile" is put in front of it, it changes the whole context of fragility - fragility is a state of mind. In other words, is fragility merely a thought?


I then placed a crowbar and sledge hammer on top of the anvil, still labelled "Fragile".
Is this composition Fragile?

I then replaced the sledge hammer with 2 very delicate porcelain vases. To me, this represented more the idea of what is meant by "fragility".


My next step in the investigation was to drop the sledge hammer onto panes of glass - layer by layer.
The result of this in short was most unpredictable, in that the spectacle seemed to illustrate an intense depth and layering of the world around us, as well as giving a multi view perspective of the world.

Whilst looking at the random shards of glass, and contemplating on the concept of impermanence that is inherent with fragility, I could not help but hark back to the reverse side of the Bridal gown shop - "Eternal". The quest for the "Eternal", and Eternity will lead to my next experiment.....